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We believe that every person is unique, and there are many paths of self-development. Everybody can find the one best suited for their lifestyle with Ok-Key.


The more effort we put into learning about ourselves, the better we will know how we react, what motivates us, and where are potential developmental opportunities in our lives. This will allow us to live in more harmony with ourselves and our environment.

Emotional Balance

One of the most evident signs of our growing self-esteem is when we begin to love, respect, and honor ourselves unconditionally. It is easier to keep our composure in this state, or to find our equilibrium again.


Changing our perspective can help to live a more accepting, calmer and peaceful life. The easiest way we can leave our burdens behind is by transforming how we are looking at them.


Application in Development

3 development directions

Self-knowledge, self-esteem and stress management are the three pillars of a balanced, happy life.

21 exercise types

We believe that every human being is unique, and self-development can be practiced in many ways. With Ok-Key, everybody can find the most suitable development opportunities for their lifestyle.

500+ exercises

Our research based exercises are constantly expanding. Our exercises can be enjoyed on their own, but together they form part of a larger system leading to satisfaction

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Become our tester and be part of the formation of an international program. Enter your name and email address to become part of our test team and we will send you the first set of weekly exercises right away. This is beneficial for you as well as for us, because you will be able to try some of our exercises even before the mobile application will launch. In return, we will ask you for your feedback from time to time, so we can develop the best possible mobile application with your help.

During the test period we will email you the exercises.

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Draw a tiny heart on your hand. Every time you look at this heart today, think of a quality you love in yourself!

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