How to be happy? – Psychology gives you 5 extra easy steps to follow!

In this article, we give you some simple and easy advice to live a happier life. Do not worry; it may be easier than you think. There is no need to change your whole life! Especially not from one day to another. But let’s see what we mean:

Focus on the proper breathing

Concentrate on your breathing. Even 1-2 minutes are enough to get you empowered. Breathe in intensively through your nose and fill your lungs consciously. You will feel the fresh air and oxygen filling you up with energy. Then breathe out two times slower through your mouth. As you breathe out, stress and tiredness will leave your body.



Research shows that smiling improves your mood. However, it must last for at least 15 seconds (but rather 30 seconds). If you genuinely smile four times a day, you will feel happier. By genuine smiling, I mean that it moves your face and can be seen in your eyes too, and it is not only a fake smile on the mouth. Moreover, if you do some good, or altruistic five times a day, your mood might significantly improve according to some psychological studies! Compliment someone, give your seat on the bus, or help your colleague, and you will feel better. 

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Planning and listing

Write a to-do-list every day that does not contain only your everyday tasks, but also your personal goals, like “I will be jogging in the park today.” You will achieve more of your goals if you write them down in advance! If you mark the points you have already reached, it gives you more motivation and the feeling of success and pride. You will recognize exactly how much you have already done to live a healthier and happier life.

Visualize and listen to music

Visualization is a powerful tool. Imagine yourself, as you are free and self-confident, solving a problem. Try to go into details and imagine yourself in several different situations; it will give you more self-confidence. Maybe you have already noticed that music evokes intense feelings (researchers at Glasgow University proved it). Make a “happy playlist” that will direct your thoughts in the right way. Gather all songs, which remind you of good memories, so you will easily remember the positive emotions you had before.

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Set SMART goals and relax

When determining a new goal, make sure it is not too far from your current position. Focus on how you will make the smaller steps that help you reach your goal. Your motivation should come from inside, and not because of the advice someone else has given. It is 20% more effective if you decide for yourself, based on your needs and wishes.

It is often challenging to fight unnecessary negative thoughts or stress. But try relaxing absolutely for a few minutes. It might help to first focus on three things you see, then three sounds you hear, and then finally three feelings you currently feel. Try to calm down and take these 1-2 minutes for complete relaxation.

By taking small steps in the right way every day, you will make immense changes in your life. Consistency is the key. If you pay attention to the little and easy things we have mentioned in this article, you can enjoy the benefits immediately. The consequences will be a more balanced, happier, and more relaxed life for you.


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