Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we know really well that there are so many mental health applications available. Actually, we precisely and carefully revised these apps in order to create something uniquely useful and enjoyable. Our dedicated team have worked for months to evaluate the shortcomings and strengths of other applications. We did our best to fix the pitfalls of other apps while keeping their benefits for your mental health.

Briefly, similarly to other apps, OK-Key aims to boost your well-being, mental balance and reduce the harmful effects of stress in your life. Our methodology is based on scientific models and results, and our accredited mental health professionals rigorously supervised the content and functions to keep the highest professional standards.

On the other hand, other apps function in an all-fit-in-one way. Instead of their methodological approach, we are aware that you are unique and special. Thus, we personalize our practices for you. In fact, the more you use the OK-Key app, the more customized content you get!

Besides, we avoided the one-sided nature of other applications. Mental health apps often use only one methodology, e.g. relaxation, cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness, and advertise it as a solution for all your problems. However, people are complex and complicated. Therefore, if you want to have a long-lasting and significant improvement in your life, you will need a complex and versatile approach – like the OK-Key is based on.  

Furthermore, we are aware that self-development is a challenging journey with fluctuating motivational level. This is why we designed our app to motivate you and keep you in path even in case of difficulties. Other applications often neglect design, and user experience, monotonous or they are simply difficult and tiresome to use. Our methodology mix mindfulness, positive psychological approach, coaching and gamification to make your experience exciting and to a real adventure!

No. The OK-Key is designed to enhance your well-being, resilience and self-knowledge while reducing your anxiety and stress – but it is not a treatment for mental health disorders and does not involve the depth of psychological counselling. If you feel depressed, really anxious, suicidal or just got the feeling that you have mental problems, consult your physician, GP, psychiatrist or mental health professional as soon as possible. If you feel you want to work on your mental well-being more intensely, we advise consulting a mental health professional. Nevertheless, the use of OK-Key app might complement these services and help you to feel better.

The fact that you are currently using a mental health service reflects that you are dedicated to self-development and live to your fullest potentials! We are happy to hear that and want to give our full support to this exciting journey!

Although the OK-Key is not supposed to substitute these services (see above) but we believe that it is a perfect complementation of them. You can use it to log your daily mood, follow your development, explore yourself from a different approach, and it can be a source of emotional support 24/7! We advise you to discuss with your mental health professional/coach that you use our application. He/she might incorporate it into your process, or your experiences induced by the app might worth a discussion there.

After your 7-days free trial is over, you will be able to continue your journey on the map, unlock special practices and rewards, explore yourself and your strengths further!

You will continue to get 3 practices/ day, use all functions of the application and enjoy the benefits of customization and further developments!

If you are mostly interested in the practices, you can request your daily practices via e-mails or Facebook messages – so you will not have to check your phones to get them!

The Ok-Key is designed in a way that aimed to support everyone – however, we know that there might be people who cannot like it as much as we do. 

In our 7 –days trial, you will have access to all functions available for beginners so you can try out what you pay for with no risk! It is absolutely free, and your journey and practices will remain open after your trial so you can use them any time you wish!

Also, if you are unsure, you can buy our app for shorter periods – so you are not obliged to commit yourself for the long run if you do not prefer it! If you are uncertain, we advise to try it out for a shorter time firstly and lengthen it later! If you do not like it, again, your journey and practices will remain available after your subscription, so you can use them any time you wish!

However, after you bought a subscription, we are unable to provide a refund.

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