Find yourself, it's a journey!

We use positive psychology-based practices to help
you discover your personal strengths. With Ok-Key,
self-development becomes more than a practice,
it becomes a journey

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Recommended for those

who already follow the path of self-development

and have tried many things, yet nothing seems to work.

who prefer developing through sustainable micro-commitments

instead of failing yet another large-scale lifestyle change plan.

who prefer a personalized process

over a ready-made package.

Key features


Personalized adventure

The app comes to know you and will personalize your tasks each day a bit better than the day before. It's all about you and your development. Be assured you're special to us and we pay attention to you.


Breathtaking design

We place great emphasis not only on content, but also on design. This way we hope to make logging into the app already a joy. Surely you know apps that have excellent content, but the lifeless “textbook” design is rather a bummer. We understand. So, we do differently. You'll see, opening this app will be like a real treat every time you sign in!


Exciting new challenges

Has it ever happened to you that you lost your initial enthusiasm and motivation due to doing the same exercises over and over again? It has happened to us too, so we have developed an application for you that we are yet to get bored of ourselves (even though we've been working on it 24/7 for months now).


Motivation instead of criticism

Even though it is healthy to practise self-criticism, it is even more important to have positive reinforcement. Instead of your weaknesses, the application focuses on your strengths. We'll help you improve without making you feel like you haven't yet achieved enough. This is a method that has passed the test. Give it a try yourself and you're not going to regret it. Become hooked like us!

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Strengths that you can improve with us.
For the fun of it, we symbolise them with animals.

Recommended by Mental Health Professionals

Széplaki Szilvia

Biologist, Mental Health Professional

“Amazing app! Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, using Ok-Key is a refreshing experience. It shows you that with just a few minutes of practice each day, you have the power to change your mindset and your life.”

Orosz Lili

Health Psychologist & Translator

“Ok-Key is a one-of-a-kind, beautifully designed app developed by a tremendously skilled and passionate team. I’m certain that it will be at the forefront of helping users across the globe to improve their lives with positive psychology. With all my heart, I recommend this app to everybody!”

Kovács Márti

Child and School Social Worker

"Why do I love this app? It’s easy to use, incredibly efficient and it’s helped me to feel genuinely happy!”

Zaka Dóra

Psychologist, Couple - and
Family Therapist Candidate

"This app is to make people feel more conscious about their everydays. It can both help with reducing stress and anxiety, and also with increasing people's well-being. Not to mention the amazing design which makes you feel better in itself.”

Flip through the below exercises;
luckily, hundreds of them are waiting
for you in our app.

Flip through the below exercises; luckily, hundreds of them are waiting for you in our app.

Be optimistic.

Pick an everyday activity here and now, for example, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, going to bed or to work, combing your hair or, why not, doing the dishes. Think about what could render this activity different today. Perhaps it’s enough to do it just a little bit other than the usual way. With music, a new scent or with some cool lights? You need energy and momentum! How could you enhance the ordinary flavours today? This is how routine turns into something special. See the world a little bit differently!

Be grateful.

Take a deep breath and think about the fact that even though you cannot see it, air surrounds you every moment, giving you life here on Earth. Be grateful for it!

Pay attention to detail.

Find a piece of paper. Have a good look around where you are right now and write down three things that you very much like in your environment. You can write anything on your paper; it doesn't have to be a big thing. If you like the corner of the desk or a stain on the ceiling, then that's it. Study the objects, the colours, the shapes and the layout of the room. Notice the beauty that surrounds you! Be amazed by the world!. Be assured you're special to us and we pay attention to you.

Be curious.

What do tourists do? They take pictures, look around, raise their glance and go inside of buildings to see some of the sights. Today you can also become a tourist for half an hour in your own city. Select a location on your way home and take a look around in that part of the city. Take photos, observe and recognise the beauty around you. Don't rush it, you and your experience should be the only things that matter. Believe it, everything else can wait. Give yourself time in life! Roam freely, discover what your city has to offer!

Live bravely.

Living dangerously is not the only way to be brave. What do you think about “everyday courage”? Look for such examples today. Notice if somebody dared to speak their mind, said no or, for instance, apologised. You've seen a nervous, excited man walking down the street with flowers in his hands? See the everyday wonders around you!

Our customers said about Ok-key

Laura Kiss
Read More
I liked the ‘Name the moment’ exercise the most. It was fun. It came to my mind later on as well and I have ‘revisited’ it several times.
Bori Németh
Read More
Since I started doing these exercises, I’ve become more conscious, plus I’ve been feeling much better and more energetic.
Szabina Tóásó
Read More
I’ve realised that now I can be glad about things that earlier I didn’t even notice.
Bernadett Barad
Read More
It helped me understand my emotions and to focus on the present.
Mariann Chripko
Read More
The ‘Mindfulness’ exercises are my favourites. We so often don’t see the things and happenings around us. I like that I’ve started paying attention to my environment and that unconditional acceptance is something I have now practised.
Mónika Isgumné
Read More
The exercises showed me what was missing from my life!
Laci Kiszely
Read More
Pretty, kind & joyful. Like a few minute extra sunshine in your day!

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For IOS users

Our story

Ok-Key is a real passion project, in every sense of the word. It all began when Kata, the founder, surprised her husband Norbi on their third anniversary with a personalized booklet of gratitude, mindfulness and joy-generating activities. Norbi, who was touched by the booklet and its wealth of self-development exercises, immediately felt that it would be able to help others. Together, they began to brainstorm about how they could create a tool that would allow them to share these exercises and reach more people.

Both Kata and Norbi are professionals in the field of therapeutic self-help and non-violent communication. Thanks to their many years of experience, they have first-hand insight of the issues that stem from having low self-esteem such as unhappiness, anxiety, or loneliness. To them, self-development is more than a part of their work, it holds a very special place in their hearts. On the road of bringing the idea into realization they grew into a team of five, all committed professionals.


The Team

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Norbert Horváth
OK-KEY CEO, Trainer, Coach

I firmly believe that life is a perfectly constructed system where everything and everyone has its place and role.

Katalin Mikhel
OK-KEY Professional Leader, Coach,
Lifestyle Consultant

I know I’m lucky to have found what brings me genuine peace of mind and a sense of fulfillment!

Kata Baktay-Magyar
Ok-Key Scientific leader, Certified Psychologist

I love creating something fresh and original by combining the skills I’ve learned in my professional and personal life.

Julianna Oláh
Ok-Key Researcher, Certified Psychologist

Practicing authenticity has also taught me that once you are aware of the values deeply rooted and hidden inside yourself, you are able to see the same in others.

Klaudia Nagy-Deák
OK-key expert, Social pedagouge

Perseverance is one of my greatest strengths. I constantly find myself taking on tasks that I might not be ready for, yet I feel confident enough to do them.

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